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Commodity Exchange Limited

gems : Tanzanite, Emerald.
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Angel Ent.

Clothing : Jeans, T-shirts, Shirts etc.
Sanitar ...

Nigerian Export Promotion Council

Dry Fruits : Cashewnuts & Kernel, Walnuts.
gems ...

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Angel Ent.
Exporter & Importer from China

Clothing : Jeans, T-shirts, Shirts etc. Sanitaryware : Floor Tiles. Minerals : Iron Ores. Cosmetics : Perfumes. Electronics Items, Watches, Mobile Phones, Tablet PC (Personal-Computers), Laptops, Memory Cards, Electronic Cigarettes, Leather Wallets, Cufflinks, Mobile Batteries, Mobile Accessories, Jewellery, Stainless Steel Bracelets, Metal Scrap, HMS 1 & 2, OCC Paper Scraps, Crockery (Dinner Set), Securities Items, Restaurant Use Products, Printer Inkjet, Glass Chatons, Home Textiles, Stationary, Tablet Box, Watch Box, Cufflinks Box, Pinewood, Printing Machines, Construction Machines, Industrial Machines, Sports Items, Stationary, Gym Machines, Furniture, Handbags, Rubber Cup Lumps, Battery Scrap, Lead Scrap, Memory Cards, Sim Adopter, Teakwood, Sugar, Copper, Aluminum Scraps, Timbers, gems, Diamonds, Speakers, Bluetooth, etc.

Member since: 29-Oct-2011
Yr of Est: 2004
Country/region: China / Guangzhou
Business type: Export & Import
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Gems By Natasha
Exporter from United States

Precious & Semi Precious gemstones.

Member since: 16-Feb-2018
Yr of Est: 2015
Country/region: United States / Fresh Meadows
Business type: Export
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Sugil Gem
Exporter from United States

gemstones : Sugilite Rough. Gold Bars, Gold Dust, Rough Diamond.

Member since: 01-Feb-2018
Yr of Est: 2005
Country/region: United States / La Mesa
Business type: Export
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S D B Gems
Exporter from Mozambique

gemstones : Garnet, Morganite, Beryl, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Spinel, Topaz, Tourmaline, Quartz, Emerald, Spessartine, Rhodolite, Ruby, Corundum, Sapphire, Corundum. Minerals, Bullion Gold, Tantalite, Galena, Manganese.

Member since: 12-Sep-2017
Yr of Est: 2016
Country/region: Mozambique / Nampula
Business type: Export
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Okezie Investment Ltd.
Exporter & Importer from Nigeria

We Sell : gemstones, Coconut Charcoals, Wooden Charcoals, Gallstones, Antiques, Souvenirs, Bullion Gold, Copper, Diamonds, Scraps. Art & Crafts : Paintings. Minerals : Iron Ores. We Buy : Auto / Spare Parts, Passenger Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Vehicles, Tyres / Tires, Cosmetics, Jewellery, Health & Beauty Products.

Member since: 17-Aug-2017
Yr of Est: 2001
Country/region: Nigeria / Lagos
Business type: Export & Import
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B K Exim
Exporter & Importer from India

Fashion Accessories : Belts. Footwear : Leather Shoes, Sandals. Garments, Wallet, Portfolio Case, Mobile Case, Ladies Handbags, Big Fancy Buckle, Chaps, Holsters, Gloves, Human Hair, Ferro Alloys, Silicon Manganese, Ferro Silicon, Ramming Mass, Quartz, Ingot Mold, Bottom Plate, Manhole Cover, Pet Bottle, Food Container, Plastic Bowl, Lunch Box, Water Dispenser, Sports Bottle, Jewellery Set, Mugs, Jewellery Items, Non-Gold Items, Silver Items, gemstones, Ornaments.

Member since: 26-Apr-2017
Yr of Est: 2007
Country/region: India / Kolkata
Business type: Export & Import
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Aarnav Agro Division Of Aarnav Mines and Minerals Exploration Ltd.
Exporter & Importer from Zambia

Agricultural Products : Maize.Soybean, Sunflower, Groundnuts, Vegetables : onions, potatoes. Edible Oils : Olive Oils, Sunflower Oil, Soya Oils. Minerals. Iron Ore, Copper Ores. gem Stones : Rough Emeralds, Aquamarine, Amethyst. Saphires Natural Stones : Granite and Marble Blocks, Cut and Polish Stones. Wood : Teak Wood, Rose Wood, Pine Dry Fruits : Walnuts, Cashew. Essential Oils : Rose Oil, Aromatic Oils, Lavender Oils Home Furnishings : Kashmir Carpets. Saffron, Home Textiles, Handicrafts, Fruits, Pulses and Spices, Manganese, Chromate, Limestone, Onyx, Copper Cathodes, Gold / Bullion.

Member since: 10-Aug-2016
Yr of Est: 2013
Country/region: Zambia / Makeni
Business type: Export & Import
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Gems Mining Company
Exporter from Burundi

gemstones : Amethyst Rough. Minerals, Rare Earth Ores.

Member since: 14-Apr-2016
Yr of Est: 2015
Country/region: Burundi / Bujumbura
Business type: Export
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Silver India Export
Exporter from India

Semi Precious Loose gemstone, Precious gemstone, gemstone Rough, 925 Silver Jewelry, Gold Jewellery.

Member since: 12-Aug-2015
Yr of Est: 2003
Country/region: India / Jaipur
Business type: Export
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Samme Holdens
Exporter from Nigeria

gems : Sapphire. Minerals : Manganese, Tin Ores, Colombite Ores (Niobium) & Copper Ores, Chrome, Uranium Ores. Rubicon, Gold Swatch.

Member since: 07-Jan-2015
Yr of Est: 2011
Country/region: Nigeria / Abuja
Business type: Export
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Ubaid Gems
Exporter & Importer from Sri Lanka

gemstones : Polished Blue and Yellow Sapphires, Ruby, Cats Eye, Pink Sapphires.

Member since: 12-Sep-2012
Yr of Est: 2010
Country/region: Sri Lanka / Beruwala
Business type: Export & Import
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