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Jenifer (Exporter)

Squash, Water Melon, String beans.
Philippines 28-Apr-2017
Jester Enterprise (Exporter)

Agricultural Products : Corn.
Fruits : Papaya.
Cacao beans, Sugarcane, Coconuts.
Philippines 06-Mar-2017
RVR Ventures and Consultancy (Exporter)

Fruits : Fresh Pineapple, Solo Papaya, Banana ( Lakatan, Cavendish, Cardava ).
Cassava & Yam, Coffee beans.
Philippines 09-Jan-2017
Abdulhara Cocoa Trading (Exporter)

Cocoa Shell & Cocoa beans.
Philippines 13-Dec-2016
Vcop (Exporter)

Coconuts, Coconut Copra, Cocoa beans.
Philippines 02-Dec-2016
O & R Enterprises (Exporter)

Raw Rubber, Coffee beans.
Philippines 28-Oct-2016
Jay M Trading (Exporter)

Cacao beans, Fermented beans, Sundried beans, Davao beans.
Philippines 06-Oct-2016
Ryno Enterprises (Exporter)

Agricultural Products : Maize / Corn.
Cocoa beans, Calamansi, Coconut.
Philippines 02-Sep-2016
J & J General Merchandise (Exporter)

Fruits & Vegetables : Alfalfa Sprouts (advance order), Asparagus, Broccoli trimmed, Cabbage (Repolyo), Red Cabbage, Cauliflower Half trimmed, Celery Big, Chinese Cabbage (wumbok), Kale, Lettuce, Romaine, Onion, Young Corn, Blue Berry, Lemon Yellow, Lime Green, Calamansi, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Legumes Crops, French beans, Carrots, Gabi, Ginger, Potato, Radish Korean, Radish Tropero, Sugar Beets, Sweet Potato.
Philippines 29-Jun-2016
FELP (Exporter)

Cocoa beans.
Philippines 18-Apr-2016
Agromar Enterprise (Exporter & Importer)

Seaweeds, Sharks Fin, Shark Tail, Shark Tail, Copra, Coffee beans, Fishing Vessel.
Philippines 17-Feb-2016
Cocoa Supplier (Exporter)

Agricultural Products : Rice.
Cocoa beans.
Philippines 08-Dec-2015
The Aarena Corporation (Exporter & Importer)

Seafood : Live Mud Crabs.
Vegetables, Generic Medicines, Disposable Medical Supplies, Peanuts, Soya beans.
Philippines 11-May-2015
Nueva Vizcaya Agricultural Terminal (Exporter)

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Potatoes, Carrots, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Wombok, Ginger, Onions, beans, Cucumber.
Philippines 24-Apr-2015
Go Infinity Natural Products (Exporter)

Agricultural Commodities : Rice.
Toiletries : Herbal Soap, Beauty Soaps.
beans, Organic Oil etc.
Philippines 10-Apr-2015
Limex Trading (Exporter)

Coffee beans (Civet, Arabica, Robusta).
Philippines 12-Jan-2015
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