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West African Ag Products (Exporter)

Poultry Products : Beef, Kilishi Chicken
Foodstuff, Granny Garri, Wheat Meal, Semolina, Flour, Ginger, Garlic , Green Olives , Seafood, Palm Oil , Vegetables , Custard, Macaroni , Spaghetti , Quaker Oat , Bitter Kola , Kola Nut , Shea Butter , Costmetics , soap s
Nigeria 28-Aug-2017
Tomayo Inter-biz Nig Ltd. (Exporter & Importer)

Dry Fruits : Cashew Nuts.
Ginger, Sesame Seed, Soya Bean, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Raw Black soap, Beeswax, Bee Pollen, Neem Oil, Melon Oil, Black Castor Oil, Jatropha Oil.
Nigeria 14-Aug-2017
Emaar Logistics (Exporter)

Bathing Black Natural soaps.
Nigeria 17-Jun-2017
Aroot Exports Ltd (Exporter)

Dry Fruits : Cashews.
Seafood : Dry Fish.
Calabash Nutmeg, Dried Chillies, Garlic, Ginger, Kola Nut, Bitter Kola, Melon Seed, Beans, Palm Kernel Shell, Sesame Seed, Black soap, Dry Vegetables, Cocoa, Charcoal, Cassava Tubers, Groundnuts, Tiger Nuts, Walnut, Palm Kernel Oil, Black soap, Yam Flour, Plantain Flour.
Nigeria 04-Apr-2017
Todd Blanc Nigeria Ltd. (Exporter)

Dry Fruits : Walnuts.
Toiletries : Black soap.
Cocoa, Charcoal, Raw Cashew, Garlic, Ginger, Quincy Seed, Kola Nut, Calabash Nutmeg, Dried Chillies, Sesame Seed, Tiger Nut, Palm Kernel Oil.
Nigeria 07-Mar-2017
Tharael International Limited (Exporter)

Packed Laundry & Toilet soap, Spray Starches.
Nigeria 27-Jan-2017
Saso Industires Limited (Exporter & Importer)

Toiletries : Laundry & Toilet soap Brands, Lisa, Rena, Afritol, Delfin, Kifi, Julie.
Nigeria 14-Jan-2017
Ignatius Enterprises Nig. Ltd. (Exporter)

Sanitary Ware : Tiles.
Decorative Building Materials, Doors, Water Closets, Bathroom Minisets, Washhand Basins, Bath-tubs, Jacuzzis, Shower Room, Steam Bath, Bath Mat, Door Mats, Bathroom And Dining Mirrors, Glass Basin, Basin Taps, Bath Mixer Taps, Basin Mixer Taps, Water Heater ( 15lt, 30ltr, 50ltr ), Urinary, soap Dish, Hand Dryer, soap Dispenser, Kitchen Sinks, Water Filter, Gepee Tanks, Plumbing Fittings.
Nigeria 12-Dec-2016
First Point Allianz Ltd. (Exporter)

Dry Fruits : Cashew Nuts.
Edible Oil : Palm Oil.
Agricultural Products : Organic Rice.
Spices : Chilli Pepper.
Seafood : Snails.
Bitter Kola, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Organic Black soap, Soy Bean, Cocoa Bean, Cassava Flour, Sesame Seed, Herbal Seeds & Extracts, Garlic, Honey etc.
Nigeria 24-Nov-2016
Tanwolabam Nigeria Limited (Exporter)

Edible Oil : Ola-ola Cholesterol-free Red Palm Oil. Palm Oil.
Seafood : Crayfish.
Non-alcoholic Beverages : Fanta 35cl, Coca Cola.
Music & Entertainment : Home CDs, both New and Old films.
Toilitries : Natural African Black soap.
Garments : Kampala and Ankara.
Garcinia Kola ( Bitter Kola ), Wonderful Kola, Kolanuts ( Goro ), Raw Cashew nuts, Sesame seeds, Soybeans, Ginger,
Food stuffs, Garri Ijebu, Garri Oyo, Bendel or Delta Garri Rice Flour, Cassava Flour, Plantain Flour, Yam Flour ( Elubo / Amala ). Semovita, Semolina, Poundo yam flour, Ola-Ola yam flour, Bean flour, Egusi, Ogbonno, Dry pomo, Beans (oloyin), Iru ekiti, Derica tomato paste, Maggi, Knoor, Beverages, Milo and Bournvita, Goldern Morn, Choco Milo, Indomie, Peak milk, Crown milk, Shea butter, Moringa Leave and Seed, Nido, Expression Weavons, Aboniki, tom-tom, Schweppes, Bitter lemon, Star, Gulder, Maltina, Guinness Stout, Malta Guinness.
Nigeria 15-Oct-2016
Zion Saints (Exporter & Importer)

Seafood : Roasted / Dry Cat Fish.
Fruits : Granded Mellon.
Spices : Pepper.
Edible oil : palm oil.
Shearbutter, Black soap ( Ose Dudu ) Yam, Yam Flour, Cassava Flour Fresh & Dry Stach, Gari, Dry Okro, Onion Ginger, Sweet Potato.
Nigeria 15-Sep-2016
S Gold Importer & Exporter Ltd. (Exporter)

Toiletries : Black soaps.
Seafood : Dry Smoked Fishes.
Shea Butter, Dry Split Ginger, Melon Seed, Sesame Seeds, Coconut Oils.
Nigeria 27-Jun-2016
3T Impex Trade Academy (Exporter)

Garments / Clothings : Dresses, Gown, Shirts.
Edible Oil : Palm Oil.
Bakery & Confectionery Items : Biscuits.
Toiletries : Black soaps.
Food Snacks, Coconut Chips, Groundnut Cake - Kulikuli, Sweet Plantain Chips, Plantain Chips, Ukwa, Kokoro, Aadun, Yam Chips, Cocoyam Chips, Dunkwa, Sesame Seeds, Coconuts, Used Electronics, Used Motherbaord, Use Engine Oil, Coconut Shell & Fiber, Charcoal, Dudu Osun, Garri, Fashion Accessories, Hand Fans, Ingot, Hibiscus Flower, Aluminium, Suitcase, Boxes, Travelling Bags.
Nigeria 10-May-2016
IT Canbe Done Nigeria Ltd. (Exporter & Importer)

Seafood : Shrimps.
Toiletries : soap & Detergents.
Natural Stones : Marbles.
Vegetables & Fruits : Sweet Potatoes, Irish Potatoes, Melon.
Food Products : Maggi.
Agricultural Products, Metal, Coconut Shell & General Merchandise, Dry Fruits, Raw Cashew Nuts, Charcoal, Dried Hibiscus Flower, Bitter kola, Garlic, Flour for Pastries, Groundnuts, Soya beans, Honey, Cassava Starch, Cassava Chips, Cassava Flour, Cassava Leaf, Ogonno, Garri ( Yellow & White ), Yam Flour, Plantain Flour, Edible / Vegetable Oil, Cocoa, Electrical Wires, Gemstones, Handcraft Items, Talking Drums, Cocoa Beans Wood Carvings, Beads, Hand Woven Texiles, African Texiles ( Ankara ) African Made Pots( Ikoko Irin ) Shea Butter, Cocoayam, Plantain, Firewood Okro, Palm Karnelcake, Thaumatococcus Daniellii Leave.
Nigeria 07-May-2016
SKA Globalville Limited (Exporter)

Solid Minerals : Zinc Ore, Lead Ore, Iron Ore.
Agricultural Products : Ground Rice.
Dry Fruits : Raw Cashew Nuts, Charcoal.
Spices : Chilies ( Dried ).
Seafood : Shrimps.
Toiletries : soaps, Detergents
Natural Stones : Marble.
Vegetables : Sweet Potatoes.
Cotton Lint, Gum Arabic, Sesame Seeds, Soya Beans, Ginger, Garlic, Shea Nuts, Shea Butter, Hibiscus, Groundnuts, Honey, Cassava Starch, Cassava Chips, Cassava Flour, Ogbono, Garri (yellow & white), Yam Flour, Plantain Flour, Melon, Coffee, Garlic Powder, Palm Kernel Cake, Cassava, Processed Foods Products, Cassava Flour, Yam Flour, Vegetable Oil, Alcoholic Beverages, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Cocoa Cake, Cocoa Butter, Malt Drinks, Insecticides, Electrical Wires, Furniture Component, Copper, Calcium, Carbonate, Tantalite, Wolframite, Gem Stones, Coal, Handicrafts Items : Talking Drums, Cocoa Beans, Calabash Carvings, Wood Carvings, Beads, Pottery, Metals Carvings, Hand Woven Textiles, Raffia Products etc.
Nigeria 07-May-2016
Mighty Venture (Exporter & Importer)

Foodstuff, Gari, Dry Pepper, Melon, Vegetable, Toiletries / Local soap, Cassava Flour, Yam-flour, Bitter Kola.
Nigeria 06-Jan-2016
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