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Eric Boakye (Exporter)

Charcoal, Palm Oils & gold Bullion etc.
Ghana 27-Jan-2015
Gold Coast Miners Company Ltd Ghana (Exporter)

gold Dore Bars.
Ghana 30-Jun-2014
Ugaga Trading Company (Exporter)

Precious Stone / Gems & gold Dore Bars, Nuggets, Dust, Rough Diamond.
Ghana 18-Mar-2014
Kwalas Mining Enterprice (Exporter & Importer)

gold Bullion.
Ghana 23-Dec-2013
Hishands Company Limited (Exporter)

gold Bullion.
Ghana 12-Aug-2013
Eben Rules Investment (Exporter)

Petroleum Products : Bonny Light Crude Oil, JP54, Diesel2 / D2, Bitumen.
Agricultural Products : Rice, Maize, Wheat.
Building Materials : Cement.
Beans, Hard Wood Charcoal, Bullion gold & Diamonds, Sugar, Palm Kernel, Palm Oil, Coconut (Fresh, Mature) and Coconut Shell Charcoal.
Ghana 30-May-2013
Kouroussa Community Development 01 (Exporter)

gold Bullion, gold Bars, gold Nuggets, gold Dust, Rough Diamond.
Ghana 16-May-2011
Akoko Goldfields Mining Ltd (Exporter)

Rough Diamonds and gold Bars.
Ghana 22-Dec-2004
Cangelo Precious Materials.. (Exporter)

gold Bullion, Diamonds & Precious Materials.
Ghana 08-Jan-2015
Ernest Enterprise (Exporter)

gold Bullion.
Ghana 08-Jan-2015
Glory Gold Ltd (Exporter)

Precious Minerals, Bullion gold and Diamonds, Crude Palm Oil (CPO), Salt, Saw Dust, Timber, Scraps, Batteries, Dirty Oil.
Ghana 06-Jan-2015
Henry Lincoln Consult (Exporter)

gold Bullion.
Ghana 23-Dec-2014
Liberty Mining Ghana Ltd. (Exporter)

gold Bullion.
Ghana 23-Dec-2014
Nanagold Ltd (Exporter)

gold Bullion.
Ghana 12-Dec-2014
Guyana Mining Company Ltd (Exporter)

gold Nugget, gold Bars.
Ghana 11-Dec-2014
Earth Resource Mining Enterprise (Exporter)

gold Bullion.
Ghana 04-Dec-2014
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Eric Boakye

Charcoal, Palm Oils & gold Bullion etc. ...

Eben Rules Investment

Petroleum Products : Bonny Light Crude Oil, JP54, ...

Akoko Goldfields Mining Ltd

Rough Diamonds and gold Bars. ...

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